All trainers are not created equal

JKPT employs only experienced and certified trainers who are put through Jim Karas’ signature training program.

Shock Your Metabolism

With our intense, metabolic, fatburning workouts! Workouts change every month... Just when you have mastered one workout, we change it and disrupt your body again. The more you disrupt your body, the more it’s forced to change.

Optimizing Energy

More than ever before, Jim is in demand as a keynote speaker. As a Lifestyle Expert, he presents a comprehensive plan on how to make simple changes...

We address your specific injury

By treating the entire body. We use a series of strengthening, stretching, massaging and mobilizing techniques that get to the root of the problem.

Nutrition is ESSENTIAL

to losing weight, improving performance and staying young. “Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise”
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+ The Petite Advantage Diet
+ Metabolic Detox