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  • All trainers are not created equal

    Each staff member at Jim Karas Personal Training is put through our own signature training program and we are the only firm that devotes over 100 hours a year to ongoing continuing education.

  • Shock Your Metabolism

    With our intense, metabolic, fatburning workouts! Workouts change every month... Just when you have mastered one workout, we change it and disrupt your body again. The more you disrupt your body, the more it’s forced to change.

  • Optimizing Energy

    More than ever before, Jim is in demand as a keynote speaker. As a Lifestyle Expert, he presents a comprehensive plan on how to make simple changes...

  • We address your specific injury

    By treating the entire body. We use a series of strengthening, stretching, massaging and mobilizing techniques that get to the root of the problem.

Unparalleled personal fitness training expertise in Chicago

Jim Karas Personal Training is an elite personal fitness training service based in Chicago. Jim Karas is known for getting celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Diane Sawyer in the best shape of their lives and is the author of 5 best-selling fitness and health books. Jim Karas employs 30 trainers in Chicago, the North Shore and Western Suburbs and New York City. Over the past 28 years, Jim Karas has established itself as Chicago’s largest and most successful personal training firm.