ONLINE COACHING – anywhere, anytime.

KARASMATIC FLOW – fitness, lifestyle, online, weight loss

Our Karasmatic Flow online coaching brings our high level of service, coaching and proven training system to your fingertips. It’s a fad-free  weight loss solution that does not take a popular, gimmicky approach. Rather, it uses concrete research combined with 30+ years of experience with long term habits-based results.


    • $125 for 12 weeks
    • Daily check in from your coach via email or text
    • Realistic approach to health/weight loss…No “diet’s” or popular gimmicky approaches.
    • Perfect our 10 skills for proven weight loss
    • Remote coaching, you can be coached from ANYWHERE! No limitations
    • Access to our private Karasmatic Flow facebook group where you will be a part of our strong health and fitness focused community!


    • $500/month
    • Detailed assessment of current nutrition and mindset
    • 1 hour consultation via phone/skype/facetime or in person
    • Daily check ins from your coach via email, text, phone or skype. In person meetings can be scheduled if you live within the Chicagoland area
    • Perfect our 10 skills for proven weight loss
    • Tailored to your specific needs (sport/competition, beginner/advanced nutrition coaching)
    • Remote coaching, you can be coached from ANYWHERE! No limitations


Looking to learn about nutrition gain an understanding of what you should be eating for your specific goals and lifestyle, but not ready to commit to a coach? This is for you!

  • $150
  • In depth Online assessment of nutrition and mindset patterns
  • 1 hour consultation with a coach via phone/in person/skype/Facetime to discuss your nutrition and mindset patters
  • Summarized email of your goals and applicable takeaways at the end of your consultation


  • $150
  • Custom exercise program tailored to your needs and goals
  • Balanced Mobility/Strength/Cardio program sent online
  • Suggested every 8-12 weeks