Habit Based Remote Coaching
DID YOU KNOW… It takes on average 66 days to form a new habit?

DID YOU KNOW… You don’t have to live in Chicago to conquer your weight loss program with Jim Karas Personal Training?

DID YOU KNOW… 100% of our clients that succeed in mastering their habits keep the weight off permanently?


Our exclusive Habit Based Remote Coaching program will focus on:
1) Eating 3-4 meals a day (No Snacking)
2) Eating whole foods
3) 7-9 quality hours of sleep
4) Staying hydrated

Mastering the basic habits above is where our coaching comes into play. Once you complete a four page nutrition assessment, a consultation to assess the results will take place. Once the first week's "Habit" is established, our coaches check in with you 2x a week to track your progress.

On Fridays, you report to your coach with a log of food/liquid, sleep, activity and scale reading. We adjust the metrics reported based on the individual’s goals.

We work on mastering 1-2 habits each week and slowly build on the habits at the speed which you master them. It is evidence based that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, but ultimately it ranges from 18-254 days as everyone takes to habits differently. The end goal is for you to not only REACH your goal, but MAINTAIN that goal long term.

Initial Consultation: $150
Habit Based Remote Coaching Program: $280/month

Please contact or 773-244-0123 to start your program!

“I loved the remote coaching! Having a remote coach was great since I don't live in Chicago. Focusing on habits was revolutionary for me. I have now been able to reach my lifetime goal! I wish I had done this years ago!” – Jenny, Grand Rapids, MI

"These habits helped me focus on the key areas that really moved the needle on achieving my health and wellness goals. I think of myself as a fairly healthy person but could not get out of my rut.” - Shawna, Chicago, IL
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