The Ultimate Diet Revolution
The Ultimate Diet REVolution unlocks the key to permanent weight loss – your metabolism. Forget about ever cleansing (FYI - it makes you fat) this comprehensive, 28–day plan includes a specific diet, exercise program and a strategy for sleep and stress that works.
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The Petite Advantage Diet
Lifestyle and weight-loss expert Jim Karas has worked with women of all heights and sizes for more than twenty years, and has seen firsthand that petite women need special techniques for effective, lasting fat loss.

Petite women can create a sexy, curvaceous look that taller women only wish they could have!

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The Cardio-Free Diet
If you think that the key to weight loss is to spend hours on end on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, stair stepper or bike, you will soon learn that you are terribly wrong. Cardiovascular exercise will not only prevent you from losing weight, but truth be told, cardio KILLS. That's right, cardio kills your joints, posture, immune system, time and desire to lose weight. The only thing it doesn't kill is your appetite. You burn a few measly calories with cardio, then eat up twice as many thereafter. The result? Weight gain, and a lot of it.
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The 7-Day Energy Surge
If you find yourself hitting the snooze button two or three times before dragging yourself out of bed, dozing off during meetings or your kids' soccer practice, or perking up after your fifth cup of coffee only to crash an hour later, The 7-Day Energy Surge is for you.

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The Business Plan for the Body
In The Business Plan for the Body, Jim Karas uses his experience from the Wharton School of Business to approach weight-loss and fitness like a business plan. Having had a large number of business professionals as clients, Jim finds this is a great way to communicate an effective weight-loss plan in relevant terms.
Flip the Switch
Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work? Could it be a slow metabolism, or is it your genes? Maybe you love to eat but hate to exercise? The answer, according to Jim Karas, is that it's none of the above! The answer is that you still haven't “flipped the switch”– that is, reached a point where the desire to lose weight finally becomes more important than the desire to overeat and not to exercise. The biggest hurdle you will ever face in losing weight isn't sticking to a diet or going to the gym every day. It's simply this: getting started.
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