At Jim Karas Personal Training - Your Goals are our Priority

People turn to Jim Karas Personal Training (JKPT) when they're looking for more than the typical trainer and nothing less than unrivaled results. With an unmatchable business model that allows our staff to solely focus on their clients, JKPT continues to be the reliable source for highly professional and knowledgeable personal trainers. Handpicked by Jim Karas, our team has been delivering real solutions in real time for over 24 years by applying the latest techniques, methods and research. We offer private and semi-private training sessions in your home, building exercise room, office or in one of our studios.


Movement With Purpose™

We value every minute you invest with us so we make sure every movement of each session is executed with your end result in mind – no time is wasted.

Time Under Tension

With proper instruction, you can safely complete more intense and exercise-dense workouts that result in optimal body composition improvements – intensity gives your body a reason to change.

Tenacity In Absence™

We accept the reality that your success is more dependent on the other 160+ hours a week you do not spend with us. It is our support, flexibility and education that keeps you motivated when we’re not there.

The Three E Approach™: Empower, Educate and Entertain

Our job is to empower you to take your body places it has never been before, educate you on how we’re going to take you there and entertain you along on the way to make it fun.

The Karas Touch

Jim Karas and his staff are not your typical trainers. We take our profession seriously and service our clients like you would expect to be treated at a luxury spa or five-star hotel. You will not find a personal training firm that is more courteous, respectful and professional than ours.


Cardio Free Philosophy