Our Partners
Thank you to our partners! Jim Karas partners with only the highest quality of medical services and professionals.
Northwestern Executive Health (NEH) was founded in Chicago to serve successful, busy people who desire exceptional personalized attention and care. The single-day executive physical and on-demand 24/7 concierge service provide medical access to fit conveniently into each person’s demanding schedule.

Northwestern Executive Health screens for early signs of any serious disease and identifies ways to decrease the risk of future illness. NEH also provides the tools, education, fitness assessments and long-term coaching support to help each individual achieve, sustain and enjoy their best health.

Northwestern Executive Health has brought together the finest internists, specialists and wellness professionals at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago to cater to each patient. They use the most advanced technologies and offer a healthcare experience that is truly second to none.
Northwestern Integrative Medicine is the top location in Chicago for receiving a full range of complementary and integrative therapies.

Integrative Medicine has been called the “new medicine” but, in many ways, it is a return to the original practice and philosophy of medicine. It emphasizes the relationship between the doctor and patient, the innate healing ability of the body and the importance of addressing all aspects of an individual’s life to attain optimal health and healing.

Our physicians and practitioners consciously blend the very best of conventional medicine, cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment with appropriate therapies. We strive to include therapies backed by scientific evidence to improve health and promote healing while minimizing any side-effects or harm. All factors that affect health, wellness and disease are considered to promote optimal healing of the mind, body and spirit in all their complexity.

At Northwestern Integrative Medicine, we provide a unique healthcare experience. As soon as you walk through the entrance, you are welcomed into a gentle healing environment. Your visit may begin with a board-certified physician who performs a thorough evaluation of medical conditions and suggests an array of integrative evaluation and treatment options. Specially-trained complementary medicine practitioners also are available to provide a full range of therapies from diverse healing traditions.

Physicians and practitioners work in partnership to benefit your health. Our physicians have training in both conventional and integrative medicine and are devoted to fostering integration of care between these diverse fields. We work with you to create your individualized treatment and lifestyle plan. Our other practitioners include trained specialists in acupuncture, massage, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, min/body relaxation therapies and meditation, and health psychology.
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