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Jim Karas New York
Jim Karas moved from Chicago to Manhattan in 2001 to work with Diane Sawyer and helped her lose over 20 pounds. He also worked with other celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Weisz, Candace Bergen, Emma Thompson and many others.

Jim hasn't lived in Manhattan since 2006, but he's since established his protégé, Don Scott, as his trusted successor to continue working with his high-profile clients. Don brings an unprecedented history of success that has made JKPT the most exclusive personal training services and home fitness programs in New York:

Always on the road?

Give our REMOTE Training program a try!

SKYPE & Phone sessions/consultations are available.
In-home personal training

Don't have enough time to workout? Try our flexible home fitness program. We come to you and you'd be amazed with how little equipment you need to get started.

Studio training

Don't have room in your house to workout? We have access to training studios conveniently located all over Manhattan.


Home, Condo-Gym or Office: $195 per 60 minute session
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