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Nutrition is essential to losing weight, improving performance and staying young. “Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise” is a common quote by Jim Karas and recent research proves it to be true. NOTE – 25 % exercise is indispensable and must be strength training (including resistance exercise), not cardio.

Here at JKPT, we provide you with the tools to be successful with your nutrition. Let us know which of our Nutrition Solutions will work best for you.

The Cardio-Free Diet - buy now for $23

This New York Times bestseller has a proven eating plan that has worked for thousands of Americans. It's filled with recipes and an 8-week progressive meal plan for men and women. You'll walk away with dozens of healthy meals you'll love to eat over and over again. You will also learn in detail the research that supports our Cardio-Free Philosophy, designed at our fitness center in Chicago.
1 on 1 Diet Coaching - $25 to $100 per 15 minute or 60 minute session
Meet with a Diet Coach daily, weekly or monthly either in person, on the phone or by email. You'll learn how to make practical eating choices to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Jim Karas "Metabolic Makeover" - $35 - $45 a day

Gourmet meal delivery plan brought to you by The Fresh Diet in Chicago is designed to cleanse your body and jumpstart your metabolism with meals approved by Jim Karas delivered fresh to your doorstep every day!

To request information about our resistance exercise programs, Jim’s bestselling works or additional solutions, contact our main office in Chicago at 773-244-0123.
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