Cardio-Free Philosophy
Cardio-Free Philosophy

“Cardio is a 1970’s solution to a problem in the millennium.” - Jim Karas

Let us clarify that we are not against the benefits of classic cardiovascular exercise. However, we very strongly feel that there is a far superior option when it comes to how you allocate your time to exercise.
Jim Karas pioneered his Cardio-Free Philosophy after 20 years of working in the Chicago area with clients ranging from CEOs to soccer moms and celebrities like Diane Sawyer. His program is based on an interval strength training program that varies your heart rate up and down by exclusively performing strength and resistance exercises which will:
  • Provide even more heart health than traditional cardio
  • Burn more calories and body fat than steady state cardio
  • Completely change your body’s composition
  • Strengthen your core and functional ability
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Preserve your joints
  • Reduce stress
Plus, research proves that you can boost your metabolic rate 36 hours longer with 30 minutes of interval strength training versus 60 minutes of a classic, steady-state cardio program. The result is a long, lean, calorie-burning body that defies aging as you are challenging your body to get younger each year!

Still not convinced?

If you want a faster internet connection, would you settle for dial-up? No, you would opt for high-speed internet. Like high-speed internet, the Cardio-Free Philosophy we have developed in Chicago accomplishes a lot more than your “dial-up” cardio workout. So if you only have 3 hours a week to work out, why just work on your cardiovascular health? Achieve more with less on the Cardio-Free Philosophy!
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