Cross Fit Is Dangerous

November 14, 2011  •  0 Comments  •  Uncategorized

Read a very accurate article in “Men’s Health” about the danger of Cross Fit, which has become very popular.

People ask me, “How are your Cardio-Free classes different?

Easy to answer – Our Cardio-Free classes use what I call “Intelligent Intensity” and not crazy intensity.

I think of Cross Fit as the “Marathon” of strength training, and you must all know my opinion of marathons – they should be ABOLISHED!

The risk of injury is astronomical as you rapidly perform strength training and take your body to insane levels of intensity. Very, very few people should ever do that or even aspire to do that.

So, I would avoid the classes at all costs. The program also keeps doing the same exercises and that in itself will only lead to injury.


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