Breast Cancer Walk

February 28, 2011  •  5 Comments  •  Uncategorized

While I applaud the men and women who will do the three day, 60 mile walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, I have to say that walking is not the sure. LOSING weight is the way to reduce the incidence of breast cancer and walking CLEARLY will not enable anyone to achieve that goal.

Why don’t they sponsor a “Weigh Loss For Breast Caner” program. That would make a HUGE difference.



Sunday Eating

February 27, 2011  •  0 Comments  •  Uncategorized

Watch it. i find some people eat thousands upon thousands of calories on Sundays as they hang around the house and even worse, hang out in the kitchen. Don’t do it and plan to weigh in tomorrow.


The Weekend

February 26, 2011  •  0 Comments  •  Uncategorized

Lately there is a REAL epidemic of bad behavior on the weekends.

I don’t know why, but so many clients/friends tell me that they are doing well during the week, but then totally blow it on the weekends with the eating and drinking.

I’ve said this for years, but that is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your body weight, anti-aging, etc. You just CAN’T accost your body with all those calories. It’s like a binge and your body goes under terrible stress when you do that.

Please think before you eat this weekend, and don’t forget to exercise both days.



Amazon SOLD OUT of Energy Surge

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But we have it in the office so call 773-244-0123 or email for a signed copy.


Dr. Oz Show Today

February 23, 2011  •  7 Comments  •  Uncategorized

Got a GREAT response to the segment. The people at the Oz show are real pros. It was a terrific experience.


President’s Day Weekend – Do You Plan On Celebrating WIth Food

February 18, 2011  •  6 Comments  •  Uncategorized

ANOTHER holiday.

First we had “The Holidays.”

Then Super Bowl Sunday.

Then Valentine’s Day.

Now, a 4-Day Weekend.

PLEASE don’t sit home eating and celebrating some presidents who died centuries ago.

Instead, exercise everyday and make smart food choices.

Good luck.



Whoopi on Oprah

February 13, 2011  •  4 Comments  •  Uncategorized

At one point on Friday’s show, Whoopi said “I need to exercise because I am getting like a linebacker” or something just like that.

I have noticed that she has been gaining weight. I just wish she would follow our program that was getting her SOME weight loss.

And she made the typical mistake – she thinks it’s about exercise. WRONG!

Again, weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise, but as you know, the exercise is essential.

She eats horribly. I know she exists on burgers, fries, chips and barely a fruit or vegetable. She won’t drink water as she doesn’t want to have to pee in a public place.

I hope her health holds up. My bet will be that it won’t, unless she makes some pretty significant changes.



Washington DC Trip

February 8, 2011  •  3 Comments  •  Uncategorized

It’s interesting.

I’m in DC for speeches this week, and immediately you see thinner people as everyone is walking in the city.

I don’t want to confuse you, but always remember that I am a big fan of walking FOR LIFE, not for exercise.

I have walked all over the place, but i DID my 1 hour of strength training earlier today and count that as my exercise, not the walking.

This whole week is the same story as I go from here to New York to tape the Dr. Oz show. I’ll let you know what day it airs.



Super Bowl Sunday

February 5, 2011  •  3 Comments  •  Uncategorized

I think it’s worse than Thanksgiving or ANY other holiday during the year.

Why? Because people eat ALL DAY, and it’s all crap.

At least with Thanksgiving, you have some turkey and not just a bunch or carbs and dip and crap.

SO, please be careful tomorrow. Here is what I want you to do:

1. Get up and eat a very healthy, big breakfast. I am going to eat 2 eggs, 3 pieces of turkey bacon and a few pieces of fruit.

2. Strength train. Go ahead and hit it for an hour.

3. Cut up a ton of veggies and make some low calorie dip with low fat sour cream, some horseradish and spice.

4. Give yourself ONE cheat food. If it’s the nachos, fine. Just don’t sample everything and dive into everything or there will be much too much of you on Monday morning.

5. Oh, and get to bed tonight. If you are well rested, you will be better off at resisting all the temptation.



Dr. Oz on Sugar and the Brain

February 3, 2011  •  3 Comments  •  Uncategorized

According to Oz on today’s Good Morning America, sugar is just like crack or any other drug, which is something I have been saying for years. You have to detox to get off the stuff, which is what we do when we put people on our Metabolic Detox shakes. They all say that it really helps them get off the sugar and recalibrate their relationship to food WHILE they boost their metabolism.

Almost every other detox/cleanse DIMINISHES your metabolism. That’s going the wrong way.