The Jim Karas team of coaches, nutritionists and therapists integrate intelligent, safe, proven methods in such a way that our clients effectively look and feel better than with popular “quick fix” approaches. These are the principles behind our success.


You can only serve one master –  to sell or to serve?

Jim Karas learned early on that if you dedicate yourself to serving your clients, your service will sell itself. While other training companies structure their organization to sell, we are structured to learn more so we can serve better.

Plan the work, work the plan

Science has proven that we have a better chance reaching our goals when we focus on the plan instead of the goal. Our habit-based coaching provides a simplified plan to master any realistic goal.

Self-Reflection before Food-Selection

Experience tells us an imbalance in our relationships, career, spirituality and/or physical activity results in poor nutrition. These imbalances also affect how we cope with stress, sleep and digest, and ultimately depletes your energy levels and ability to lose weight.

The Aging Antidote = give your body what it needed when it was younger

With age comes less strength and ability to recover. Jim Karas proves through his own life choices that these are reversible.

Mobility + Stability = Durability

Do not use sweat or muscle soreness as a measuring stick for a good workout – much like many popular approaches do. The goal isn’t to just work a sweat, it’s to intelligently work the body. We understand the primal need for the body is to first mobilize then stabilize.